We are a full service collision repair shop


At Spectrum Auto Collision, we use technology to our benefit, and we pass those benefits to our customers. When it comes to paint, we know what it takes to get automobiles and their parts looking the way they’re supposed to. That’s why we use craft tools to help us perform quality paint jobs. We’ve also chosen to work with companies that share our concerns for the planet. Our Spraybake paint booth provides a dust-free environment because we want paint and only paint to be applied to your automobile and car parts. By applying heat and airflow, paint is applied and dried efficiently and professionally. Newly painted car parts need to match with the rest of the automobile, and Spraybake booths have quality lighting that help us scrutinize our paint jobs. And because Spectrum Auto Collision cares about the environment, we’ve aligned ourselves with AkzoNobel, a paint company that “believes that being a responsible steward of the planet goes hand in hand with being technologically innovative.” To serve customers and the environment in a responsible manner, Spectrum Auto Collision uses Sikkens, AkzoNobel’s waterborne paint, which “is fully compliant with the strictest legislative requirements.” Waterborne paints reduce the amount of VOC (volatile organic compound) released into the air because they use water, not chemicals like solvent-borne paints. This helps to keep our city’s air clean and our environmental impact low.

Frame Repair

Chief EZ Liner frame machines have a reputation for getting the job done. Automobiles with frame damage may face problems with the way they drive and function. Spectrum Auto Collision can bend automobile frames back into shape using the Chief EZ Liner pull system in conjunction with the Chief Genesis 2, a frame measuring system that checks specific points of the vehicles structure against dimensions provided by the vehicle or equipment manufacturer. In most cases, this tolerance is a strict as three millimeters – the thickness of three dimes. Some vehicles today require a tolerance no greater than one millimeter.

Free Car Rental

We understand that our clients have places to go and people to see. We also understand that clients may not have additional means of transportation, and it’s imperative we service their vehicles as quickly as possible. For our customers who need a vehicle in the meantime, rest assured we've got you covered. Your car rental will be FREE when you have your repairs done with Spectrum Auto Collision. Ask us how we can get you into a rental car to help you continue doing the things you need to do while we work on getting you back into your automobile.
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